With the substantial development and continuous needs for high quality polyure-thane Elastomer products and other mining services; Minindo Jaya is established as a subsidiary of PT. Elastomer Nusindo to provide and better serve the Indonesian mining community.

Minindo Jaya is fully owned and operated by Indonesian. Our goal is to provide high quality aftermarket parts and components that does not have to be procured from overseas. This will give our customers a competitive edge by providing them with more cost friendly alternative parts, shorter delivery time, warranty backed products and better after sales services. Our engineers are able to fabricate customized shapes and sizes for all your Polyure-thane Elastomer mining parts needs.

Polyurethane Elastomer Advantage

Polyurethane Elastomer is a specially developed material that offers durability and flexibility with excellent abrasion resistance, high load bearing capability and toughness.

With over 15 years of experience in material application, processing technique, and in depth engineering knowledge; Elastomer Nusindo has become an established industry leader in Indonesia’s Polyurethane Elastomer market. We have the cutting edge in material application selection to best suit your particular application and needs. Through its partnership with Elastomer Nusindo; Minindo Jaya is ready to better serve the Indonesian mining community.

Our Locations

Head Office :
Jl. MT Haryono123, RT 084
Kel. Gunung Bahagia
Balikpapan 76114
Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia
T: +62 (542) 876 386
F: +62(542) 876 374

Branch Office :
Plaza Pasifik blok 2 no 28, Boulevart Barat Raya
Kelapa Gading,
Jakarta Utara 14240
Jakarta, Indonesia
T: +62 (21) 4584 1156

Factory :
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T: .